As-Built Survey to determine Sq. Footage of Commercial Space for Tenants

We sometimes get inquiries from people who want us to survey their office or commercial space to determine if their rental fee is fair based on their sq. footage.

Your commercial space may include more than just the space you occupy.  The building owner is probably also charging you an additional % fee ( based on your sq. footage area, compared with the other tenant's sq. footage areas) for use of common areas in the building.

In this case, an accurate survey of your space's square footage alone, will not suffice.  You will also need an as-built survey of the areas held in common, plus the other spaces which are being leased or rented.   In other words you would need an as-built survey of the entire building to accurately check your rental fee based on sq. footage.

Published March 12, 2013.  If you have quesitons or comments about this posting please email


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