As-Builts - Is Field Verify a Good Option?

Posted on 11/4/11 by

If you are planning a remodel project for an old building, you will need as-built plans. In some cases, field verification of existing plans may be a feasible option that can save you money. Before you decide to proceed with a field verification, ask yourself the following questions.

Do you need the as-builts in AutoCAD?

The answer is probably yes. It may be more efficient to proceed with an as-built survey and draft up new plans.

Are the plans extremely old?

The measurements on old plans might not be as accurate as today’s laser measurement technology. An as-built survey can provide you with more accurate dimensions.

Are the existing plans fairly recent and to your knowledge, accurate?

If so, it may be easier to simply convert the plans to AutoCAD without a survey.

Always check with your design professional before proceeding with any as-built decisons. If you have questions on this topic. Email:

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