Structural As-Builts- Why should you hire a Structural PE First?

If you are planning a Structural Renovation project for your building, you will probably need a Structural As-Built.  Contrary to popular advice, we recommend that our clients hire a Structural Engineer BEFORE asking us for an as-built estimate.  It's not a good idea to wing a Structural as-built by getting a generic plan first that you then send out to Engineers for bid.

  Structural Engineers tend to vary in terms of what they require for an as-built.  If you proceed to get a generic as-built, it may not meet YOUR Structural Engineer's requirements. That means you may have to spend more money to pay for another survey.    A good Structural Engineer can save you money because they only specify exactly what is required for their scope.  They know where they can safely cut corners, in terms of their own work. 

  Once you have hired your Engineer, ask them for their as-built scope of work.  With this in hand, you can confidently shop for as-builts from different providers.  Your engineer should be available during the as-built process to make sure that your as-built plans are complete.  Your engineer can deal with unexpected building issues that you may not be aware of, which frequently arise on-site during the as-built process.  Your engineer should also check the plans over and approve them, before you pay the final as-built invoice.    If you have more questions about Structural as-builts please contact us at  -- posted March 8, 2016

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