Planning to Build Your own Home? - Getting Started

Planning to build a new home with no idea where to start?  Here are some suggestions to get your project rolling:

  • As a first step, we suggest that you spend time writing an essay about approaching your house, entering it, living in it, etc. Just think about the experience rather than figuring out particulars.
  • You will eventually have to draw out sketches of your ideas to present to design professionals. Understanding how you will actually be using space will help clarify how the building should flow.
  • Organize your site plan. Try to find an existing plan of the property that has topographic contour lines. If you don't have this, considering hiring a land surveyor.  You will need at minimum a plot plan or survey with boundary lengths before you can effectively dialog with your Architect, Designer or Builder. 
  • Once a designer has been selected, proceed with lots of discussion & brain storming so the Designer can figure out how what you really want can go together.  We like to say there are ten thousand questions to answer.
  • During the planning stages, your designer may create a 3-d model which upon your approval becomes the basis of the construction documents.  This is generally a more economical way than working everything out in 2-d first.  This also gives you, the owner a good feel for what you will be getting.
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