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  8. Do I need a Drafter or a Designer?

  9. Do I need a Land Survey or an Architectural Site Survey?

  10. Drawing Dimensions in Metric or US Customary System?

  11. I am only Remodeling a small area. Can I get a partial as-built of my home?

  12. I need exterior dimensions of my building for a footprint - Is this a building survey?

  13. Is it OK to Draw my Plans in Word or Excel?

  14. Is it OK to request DWG's in an older release of AutoCAD?

  15. Old Blueprints - Convert them to Digital format before you work with them

  16. Permit Plan Drawings - How to Get Started!

  17. Planning to Build Your own Home? - Getting Started

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  19. Pros and Cons of using Revit

  20. Remodel Tips-Share & Clarify project information with Photos

  21. Residential As-Built Surveys- Non Structural Decorative Exterior Features

  22. Should I ship my small Parts to a Mechanical Designer to draw into CAD? Send Photos First!

  23. Solidworks Version Compatability

  24. Structural As-Builts- Why should you hire a Structural PE First?

  25. To what precision, are your As-builts measured? 1/4" or tighter?

  26. What is a DWG or DWG file?

  27. What is a Plan Check Set?

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